Dahlem NeuroSeminar Series 2023 – Daniel Colon-Ramos, PhD

Daniel Colon-Ramos, PhD Professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology at Yale University School of Medicine Website: Title: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of synaptic assembly: lessons from C. elegans

Dahlem NeuroSeminar Series 2023 – Peter Soba, PhD

Peter Soba, PhD Heisenberg Professor for Neurophysiology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Website: Soba lab – Home Title: Neuromodulation on the fly: acute and state-dependent regulation of neuronal network function and behavior

Dahlem NeuroSeminar Series 2023 – Bassem Hassan, PhD

Bassem Hassan, PhD Professor and Scientific Director, ICM Paris Website: Team “Brain Development” – Institut du Cerveau ( Title: Probabilistic axon targeting dynamics and individualized brain wiring

Dahlem NeuroSeminar Series 2023 – Mathias F. Wernet, PhD

Mathias F. Wernet, PhD Professor for Neurobiology, FU Berlin Website: AG Wernet • Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie ( Title: The neural circuits for skylight navigation: different modalities & different species